iStrategize offers exciting opportunities to work at the leading edge of the ever-changing consulting services industry.

iStrategize analysts are noted thought leaders with unparalleled executive networks, and they help shape the perspectives of some of the world's most influential financial services and technology firms. Industry veterans who thrive in this role are hardworking, personable, and inquisitive individuals who enjoy sharing their knowledge through presentations and the written word. They value solid research, pay attention to details, and enjoy engaging with others. Committed to deepening their expertise and making a mark on the industry, successful analysts push beyond their comfort zones, care deeply about making a difference for our customers, and understand the value of building an industry network. Our star analysts take to heart their critical role in the sales process, actively supporting the sales team by showcasing their expertise to prospects and clients.

The iStrategize sales team understands financial services and technology industries and sells intellectual capital to a sophisticated audience of senior executives and research specialists. Successful iStrategize salespeople are hardworking, personable individuals who persevere without being pushy. They have a strong business acumen, understand the many facets of the financial services industry, seek to learn the inner workings of clients' and prospects' organizations, pay attention to details, and enjoy selling the value of intellectual capital.

iStrategize operations employees keep the company functioning like a well-oiled machine. Individuals who flourish in our operations department are hardworking, disciplined, loyal, and oh-so attentive to detail. Committed to excellence, they possess a strong desire to help lead the organization to a higher level of execution.

iStrategizez operates mainly in Mexico City but we work internationally with clients, most of our operations are remotely based from a decentralized HQ, Since inception, our founder Dr. Teodoro Lavin Sodi remains committed to running a firm that deeply values its people, rewards loyalty and stellar performance, and is dedicated to giving all staff members opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

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Other Services

iStrategize provides various secondary services for various industries.


We conduct timely, comprehensive research on any number of topics relevant to your financial business.


We help our clients do your due diligence. In order to make an informed decision, you need to consider all the angles and we are there to assure you are covered before making that leap.


We provide our clients with perspective. This can include benchmarking, gap analysis, and a roadmap to guide you to where you want to be.


Our analysts are available to speak at your events. We bring an objective voice and a wealth of expertise, sure to enhance your program.


iStrategize started initially providing training services for clients from various Industries with a unique perspective in respect of specific subjects such as Sales, Negotiations, Supply Chain, and Financial Related Topics.